Miracle – G 
For Cotton Ginners & 

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Miracle-G is fastest growing & amazingly simple to use accounting software for Ginning and Spinning Businesses. It lets you create customized invoices, track expenses and manage inventory without any accounting background. Miracle-G software includes features as an Entry option like goods, heaping and ginning entry. Party Wise Register like goods inward, ginning and PRN Register. It has cover all type of billing such as cotton bales bill, Gate bass and job work billing and Form 402(with E-return) and TDS report(Form 16-A with E-return). And also get stock and other reports like Passing Date, broker and Pro-rata wise interest Calculation Reports. 
Apart from core accounting Miracle-G offers many useful features not found in other traditional Software.

Entry Options
  • Inward Entry
  • Heap Entry
  • Ginning Entry
  • Pressing Entry
  • Milling Entry
  • Jobwork Entry for Ginning, Pressing & Milling
  • Inward Register
  • Outward Register (Party wise)
  • Ginning Register
  • Pressing Register
  • Milling Register
  • Press Running No. (PRN) Register
Sauda / Contract Entry
  • Cotton Seeds Sauda Entry
  • Cotton Bales Sauda Entry
  • Wash Oil Sauda Entry
Billing Entry Options
  • Cotton Bales Invoice
  • Weight List
  • Gate Pass
  • Form 402 (E-Return)
  • Fax / Supply Letter
  • Cotton Bales Invoice
  • Cotton Seeds Invoice
  • Wash Oil Invoice
  • Jobwork Invoice
  • With Product Category
Heapwise Reports
  • Heapwise Parity Calculations
  • Heapwise Profit / Loss reports
Stock Reports
  • Godownwise Stock Statement
  • Partywise Stock Statement
  • Lot No. / Heapwise Stock Statement
  • Jobwork Entry
  • Partywise Ginning / Pressing / Milling Register
  • Partywise Inward / Outward Register
Misc. Reports
  • Passing Date wise Outstanding / Interest calculation reports
  • Broker wise Outstanding report
  • Broker wise Sales / Purchase reports (Borkerage Calculation Report)
  • Form Register / Form Collection Report (C-Form & etc.)
  • TDS Report (Form 16-A with E-Return)
  • Pro-Rate wise Interest Calculation and Report
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